Here you can listen to some of my music:

Isabella and the Pot of Basil
- an opera in one act -

Isabella РH̩loise West
Nurse – Rebecca Smith
Lorenzo – John Haythornthwaite
First Brother – Jake White
Second Brother – Russell Painter

Pianist – Steven Neugarten

Musical Director – Paul McClure
Director – Martin Harvey


Columba Canticles

Columba Canticles – for Choir and String Orchestra (Music – Laurence Roman, Poems – Sam Burnside)
Combined Choirs of the Universities of Aberdeen and Ulster
Southbank Sinfonia
Conductor: Shaun Ryan


Concertino for Flute and Orchestra

Concertino for Flute and Orchestra
Flute – Richard Sherman
Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Maximiano Valdes


Three Postcards from Spain

Three Postcards From Spain – for violin and piano
Violin – Ara Malikian
Piano – Serouj Kradjian


The Three Orphans

The Three Orphans – for three female voices
Juice – Vocal Ensemble


Three Hungarian Peasant Songs

Three Hungarian Peasant Songs – for mixed voices
Etone – Vocal Ensemble


Death and Putrefaction

Death and Putrefaction – for four vocalists, string quartet and harpsichord/4-hands
Chimera Ensemble
Conductor: David Blake


A Book of Lost Orchids

A Book of Lost Orchids – for piano and percussion
Piano – Alex Rotherham
Percussion – Ellie


Cautionary Verses

Cautionary Verses – for three female voices (Music: Laurence Roman, Poems: Hilaire Belloc)
Juice – Vocal Ensemble



Struwwelpeter – for three female voices (Music: Laurence Roman, Poems: Heinrich Hoffman)
Juice – Vocal Ensemble


Five Egyptian Canticles

Five Egyptian Canticles – for flute and piano
Flute – Richard Sherman


Music Orchestrations